Since 1981 we take care of the protection of ideas and creativity.

The Firm Cavattoni-Raimondi was established in 1981 by Dott.Fabio Cavattoni and Dott. Ing.Adriana Raimondi after gathering a wide and thorough knowledge working with very important Firms in Rome and Milan.

Quality, reliability and professionality are the features that allowed Cavattoni - Raimondi to strengthen the Firm's position with National and International clients.

Cavattoni – Raimondi specialize and work in all the technical and legal fields connected with Intellectual Property both in Italy and abroad, offering the services of a professional team professionals supported by a highly qualified staff.

Cavattoni – Raimondi is also supported by a wide net of IP Firms abroad, which was selected in the course of many years of international experience.



All our research and consultancy is carried out by highly qualified professionals who guarantee high quality standards.


The company, with over 30 years' experience, is the right partner to protect and defend your ideas and your companies.


The seriousness and professionalism with which the work is done is one of the main characteristics that we are recognized both in Italy and abroad.