Uniqueness is a matter of CHARACTER

The future of your business is part of protecting your ideas and your identity.


A patent is a legal title, granted by the State, which confers on its holder a monopoly of limited duration, of a maximum of 20 years.
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A trademark is a distinctive sign of an undertaking and has the function of identifying and distinguishing the goods and/or services which it supplies from those of other undertakings.
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Copyright is the original right of a person as the creator of a work.
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Disputes and contracts

In order to protect the value of industrial property rights (mainly trade marks and patents and designs), it is necessary to protect them against any attempt at counterfeiting, dilution or usurpation.
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Models and designs

If a company can distinguish itself from its competitors through an original design, it can gain a decisive market advantage.
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Domanin names

Domain names are names used on the Internet to identify, among other things, products and services on the Internet that are assigned to the user for identification.
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