Disputes and contracts

In order to protect the value of industrial property rights (mainly trademarks and patents and designs), it is necessary to protect them against any attempt at counterfeiting, dilution or usurpation.

In most cases it is sufficient to act promptly out of court, for example with a letter of formal notice, often it is possible to act administratively, sometimes it may be necessary to refer the matter to the judicial authorities. In any case, it is preferable to carry out these interventions through professionals and lawyers specialised in intellectual property law, who have the ability and experience to handle each situation taking into account that none is in fact identical to the other.

In this regard, we offer legal assistance at both the national and international levels, including before arbitration courts, in opposition proceedings against trademark applications and invalidity.

Our network of contacts allows the customer to be protected until the last level of judgment in Italy and abroad.

As far as contracts are concerned, our advice is based on the awareness that the proper drafting of a contract can avoid any future disputes regarding licenses, confidentiality, supplies, etc..

We negotiate and draw up specialist contracts aimed at the commercial exploitation of intangible assets and in particular draw up opinions and extrajudicial consultancy.

We draw up various types of contracts: licensing and assignment agreements for trademarks, patents and designs, transfer and licensing of titles and intellectual property rights.