Models and designs

If a company can distinguish itself from its competitors through an original design, it can gain a decisive market advantage. By protecting design through industrial property rights, such as designs, this competitive advantage can be strengthened. Registered designs, as intangible assets, increase the value of a company and strengthen its market position.

The design can be protected legally in several ways. The most comprehensive protection is registration as an industrial property right.

Designs are those industrial property rights that the law expressly provides for to protect the form of expression of products. Through a design it is possible to protect the appearance of a product or part of it, as is clear in particular from the characteristics of the lines, contours, colours, shape, surface structure, materials of which it is composed, as well as from its ornamentation.

The consultancy that we provide ranges from the assessment of the protection of a design, to the filing of titles at European, Italian and International level, to the analysis of the filing strategy that aims not only to optimize protection in the area, but also to limit the licensing procedures that for some states are particularly onerous and the maintenance of post-registration titles.