A trademark is a distinctive sign of a company and has the function of identifying and distinguishing, from those of other companies, the goods and/or services which it supplies. Therefore, it performs first of all an individualizing and distinctive function, allowing to associate a product or a service to a specific company. The trademark also represents one of the strongest and most immediate forms of communication and plays a very important role in influencing consumer’s choices, by virtue of its ability to recall the characteristic aspects of a given product and/or service, indirectly guaranteeing a certain quality.

The registration of a trademark confers on its owner the exclusive right to use it to distinguish its goods and/or services and to forbid its use by other parties for identical and/or similar and/or related goods and/or services. This right may be renewed every 10 years for an unlimited period. The legal protection through a trademark is therefore very important for the image of the company and its reputation. The registration of the trademark allows to exploit in safety and authority the opportunities of the markets and enhance investments.

The consultancy which we provide ranges from the assessment of the distinctive character of the sign in question, to strategic consultancy on trademark protection, to the filing of the title at the Italian, European and international level. Our consultancy also extends to all the industrial property activities both before filing and after filing with the analyses deriving also from the surveillance activities for the protection of the brand and the maintenance of the titles from an administrative point of view.